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First National Bank
Junior Tour
Tournament of Champions  
Monday, July 31st

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    • Give your self enough time to warm up and be in the vicinity of the putting green when I call your group to the tee 5 minutes prior to your tee time.  I will not have time to look for golfers at the driving range.  If I call your name and you are not present you will miss your tee time.  With a large field, it is important to remain on time.  Thank you for understanding.


    • Weather permitting, GOLF CARTS will be available ONLY to spectators with a handicap permit from the BMV.   I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  All Spectators will be expected to remain in the rough, away from the junior golfers at all times.  This is to protect the field of junior golfers from unintended distractions, etc.  Please check with Remind or Facebook for updates on the availability of golf carts for the day.  Thank you for understanding.

    • Please remember that all spectators are expected to remain in the rough.  No spectator is permitted to stand on tee boxes or greens, nor may they walk in the fairway unless crossing.  Spectators may offer golfers water or a snack if needed.  Spectators may also help look for lost balls.  However, NO advice is to be given.  If you are seen walking with a golfer, one warning will be given.  If walking with a golfer after a warning has been given, you will be asked to leave the golf course.  Thank you for understanding.  This rule is in place as a courtesy to the ALL tournament participants.​


    • Take time to read the TOURNAMENT DRESS CODE posted at the bottom of this page.  The Dress Code applies to spectators as well as participant golfers.  No person will be permitted on the course if he or she does not meet the Dress Code.

Tournament Dress Code:

Men / Boys

1. Tops: Collared shirts or non collared golf shirts tucked in are required at all times.  

2. Bottoms: Slacks or shorts. Cargo shorts are permitted but must be golf specific (no oversized/baggie pockets). Jeans, Gym shorts, warm-up pants and cut-offs are not permitted.

3. Headwear must be worn appropriately with the brim forward at all times.


Women / Girls

1. Tops: Shirts that are not tattered are required at all times.  No T-shirts or Spaghetti strap tanks are permitted.

2. Bottoms: Skirts, skorts, golf shorts or slacks are required. This does not include jeans.  Bottoms must be worn to an appropriate length (atleast a 4-inch inseam). Cut-off jeans are not permitted.   

3. Headwear must be worn appropriately with the brim forward at all times.



In the case of inclement weather, I will notify golfers of delays via our Home page and Facebook page as well as our Remind101 text messaging. Please note that the tournament will continue in the rain.  The tournament will only be delayed if parts of the course are under water or there are dangerous storms in the area.  Please watch the weather reports and come prepared with the appropriate rain gear if necessary.

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